Contre Les Viets

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an adaptation of "Crossfire" rules

by Peter Hunt 


"Contre Les Viets" is a set of adaptations for Arty Conliffe's "Crossfire" ("CF") Rules to reflect the special circumstances of the War in French Indochina between 1945 and 1954.  You have to have a set of CF and the "Hit and Dirt" supplement to play "Contre Les Viets".

The rule changes are laid out according to the CF paragraph numbers.  Generally anybody who is familiar with CF should have no trouble with "Contre Les Viets"There are two major types of changes:

  • Additions to CF to reflect the special conditions in Indochina .  These are usually home grown but I have also borrowed extensively from Barrie Lovell's "Incoming" adaptations of CF for the "Second Indochina War" which can be found at Mike Ruffle's very fine "Grunt" website.

  • Changes to CF, either because I prefer them to the CF systems, (such as off board artillery, suppression effects etc.,) or because CF, which modestly (and perhaps unnecessarily in my opinion, because it is a cracking system) only aims at company sized infantry actions with a very few AFVs, doesn't cater for them, (such as soft vehicles, airstrikes, rivercraft etc.)Again a lot of this is my own work but a lot is borrowed from Barrie Lovell's, Lloyd Nikolas' and Tim Marshall's ideas and rules adaptations.  So as not to break up the rules too much the totally new stuff has been included after the normal CF rules sequence.

The terms "French" and "Viet Minh" (VM) in these rules are both misnomers but are convenient shorthand for all the troops of the Corps Expeditionnaire Francais d'Extreem - Orient and the Indochinese Nations of the French Union, even though only a minority were from the French Mainland; and their opponents from 1945 to 1954 even though the Vietnam Doc Lap Minh Hoi was disbanded in 1951.

OK, its time to mix up some Vinogel, break out the 33 Beer and Gauloises, or spice up your cold rice ball with some nuoc-man fish sauce, and prepare yourself for a walk down the Street without Joy.

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