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Extract from issue 528 (June 25, 2004) of HK Magazine:


"Hong Kong Society of Wargamers


If a computer game such as Rise of Nations seems too solitary, and your friends have long outgrown Risk, then Hong Kong Society of Wargamers (2849-6842, www.hksw.org/about.htm) is for you.  Formed in 1982 by a group of policemen (scary thought), the group consists of at least 30 members from all walks of life, who meet twice per month to play wargames.  Chairman Andrzej Cierpicki reveals that members gather socially over food and drinks to play historical wargames using a combination of both miniatures and board games, with ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians being the most popular time periods."


. . . like I said, they could not help but get some of the facts wrong!