Saturday 2 July 2005

after action report


Cheung Kar Fai, (Swedish side) and Hermann Ng & Christopher Chu (Imperialists players) using the Age of Decision (AOD) system to re-launch the 30 Years War on the tabletop.  At the start of the battle, Sweden deployed most of its infantry on the two wings, thereby  occupying the two towns (objectives) at the beginning of the war.  After several rounds of fraught & bloody fighting, the Imperialists players were not able to regain these two towns, being forced to retreat after failing their army withdrawal check.

Afterwards, all of the AOD players participated in a test of the space ship to space ship combat based on "Silent Death" system. Christopher Chu shot down 2 enemy ships by reason of extremely good luck for the most outstanding performance.  When the game finally ended, everybody agreed that not only is "Silent Death" easy to play, but it is also a splendid system.

Another game of the excellent Seven Years War board game, "Friedrich", was played, this time with 5 players, including visiting ex-member Nick Alter, who took the role of the Austrians, supported (in theory, at least) by Simon as the Russians and Lawrence as the French.  Against them stood Andrzej (as the Prussians) and Andrew (the Hanoverians).  A tense and exciting game with Prussia ultimately being saved by Russia's withdrawal following the Czarina's death (history repeated!)

15mm English Civil War action using DBR rules - Scots vs English, umpired by Peter Hunt.  The Scots under the command of Tony, Nick and Ken were thoroughly hammered by the English under the command of Eric, Peter Munn and Andrilea.  A good time was had by all.

15mm Napoleon's Battles System, with Lawrence Ho and Li Tai Wah as the French left wing (Eugene, IV Corps, VIII Corps, III C Corps, IVC Corps) at Borodino vs the
Russians (Barclay, II Corps, IV Corps, IIC Corps, Cossacks) commanded by Benjamin Wah and Derek Gould.

15mm Seven Years War using the Age of Reason system with James Cheung as the Russians taking on, Alexander Lam's Austrians.

To round off the evening, several quick rounds of dogfights using the "Wings of War" card system were fought with Herbert, Andrew and James in allied aircraft taking on Andrzej and Nick as the Central Powers.  Overall ace status went to Herbert, with 3 kills.  A splendid and fun little game system.


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