2018 Competition Results

DBMM 120 Competition

Results of the HKSW August 2018 DBMM 120 Competition:

Winner: Neil Burnett (Han Chinese)
1st Runner-Up: Hermann Ng (Southern Hsiung Nu)
2nd Runner-Up: Joon Nak Choi (Early Imperial Roman)

Most Generals Killed Award: Neil Burnett (killing 2 Generals)
Most Baggage Destroyed: Neil Burnett (destroying 2 Baggages)

Organiser: Jeff Herbert
Administrative Support by: Lawrence Ho
Prizes sponsored by: Jeff Herbert

8 players participated in the HKSW August 2018 DBMM 120 Competition.  4 rounds of 1 hour games were played with about 15 minutes short break in between of each round.  The armies were Han Chinese (12VPs), Southern Hsiung Nu (7VPs), Early Imperial Roman (6 VPs), Early Anglo Saxons (6 VPs), Neo Babylonian (6 VPs), Hellenistic Greeks (6VPs), Maccabean Jewish (5 VPs), Syracusian (5 VPs).

Thanks to Jeff Herbert for organising this competition and paying for the prizes.