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                                    Mr A Cierpicki                        :                     Chairman      

                                    Mr P Hunt                               :                      Treasurer

                                    Mr J Herbert                           :                      Secretary

                                    Mr D Adams                          :                       Member

                                    Mr J Bishop                           :                       Member

                                    Mr C Bridges                         :                       Member

                                    Mr D Bucher                          :                       Member         

                                    Mr P Buchle                           :                       Member

                                    Mr L Dias                               :                       Member

                                    Mr P Harrison                        :                       Member

                                    Mr J Jenkins                          :                       Member

                                    Mr W Knowles                       :                       Member

                                    Mr C Lam                               :                       Member

                                    Mr R Leeding                         :                       Member

                                    Mr C Mackreth                       :                       Member

                                    Mr F Prieskop                        :                       Member

                                    Mr M Wilson                           :                       Member

                                    Mr M Withington                    :                       Member

                                    Mr D Yan                                :                       Member


Absent With Apologies:      


                                    Mr N Burnett                           :                       Member          :           Duty Commitment

                    Mr A Esland                           :                       Member          :           In Shanghai

                                    Mr P Munn                              :                       Member          :           In Japan

                                    Mr O Silsby                            :                       Member          :           In Taiwan

                                    Mr D Thielen                          :                       Member          :           Prior Engagement

                                    Mr M Worsman                      :                       Member          :           In Australia

The Meeting


The Chairman opened the Meeting at 13.50 hours.  He stated that both the turnout and the number of games for the AGM were very impressive and that he hoped the impetus could be maintained over the coming months.

The Chairman stated that there were now 25 listed members for the new year with a few of these having indicated their full time residence abroad.  Mr Eric Hall had just contacted the club having seen the web site and was under mutual consideration for membership.  In terms of numbers the club was healthy and generally increasing.


The Chairman called upon Mr P Hunt to table the Treasurers Report.


Treasurers Report


The Treasurers report was tabled as per appendix A.  The current balance in hand was $7,671.32 HK.  Mr Hunt highlighted that the major expenses for the year had been establishing the web site and the purchase of 100 T Shirts.  Each member had received a new T Shirt and three additional ones purchased.  He called on all to buy a second T Shirt to help replenish funds.  The T Shirts sold at $75 each and were of proven quality.  Mr Hunt stated that most monthly meetings generated a small profit and that funds in hand would carry us through the coming year. 


It was decided to set the Annual Subscription at $100 HK.  New members would remain at $150 HK, which included a free T Shirt.


The Treasurers report was proposed, seconded and passed unanimously.


The Chairman called upon the Secretary to report any other matters.


Secretary’s Report


The Secretary stated that the current venue would be enjoyed for the next 1-2 years following which the building was scheduled to be demolished.  It was highly unlikely that the monthly meetings could be moved to the new building due to different messing arrangements and tighter security.  As such a new venue needed to be identified.  Mr Herbert stated that he would explore the possibility of HITEC in Kowloon Bay where he had good contacts with the management.  HITEC had car parking and catering on site and a shuttle bus from the Kowloon Bay MTR Station.  As HITEC was a commercial operation then the venue and meetings would be more expensive than those at present.  He asked all if they had any better ideas to forward them.


The Chairman then passed the meeting to the floor.

Questions from the Floor


The floor raised the following questions:

Q.1      Did Members when overseas need to pay membership fees?

A.1      Membership fees were paid on joining the club and for each year commencing on 1st of April.  If the member went overseas during that year his fees were not refunded. If he then remained overseas in the new year, no fees would be charged but he would be listed as an Overseas Member.  If he returned to Hong Kong and wished to continue his association then he would pay the membership fee from the 1st of April of the financial year he returned in.  It was the policy of the HKSW that all ex-full members be encouraged to continue their links with the club and those that wished could link themselves to the web page to secure contacts.


Q.2      It was felt that membership should be increased.

A.2      This was also agreed. It was pointed out however that quality rather than quantity counted and those that were sought were people of a good disposition, genuinely keen on wargaming and who appeared likely to become active participants at meetings.


Q.3      Should the club advertise for members?

A.3      The HKSW was listed in the HKTA Handbook on clubs and organizations.  Advertising was generally expensive and not cost effective but advertising in free publications could be undertaken.  It was to be hoped that the new web site would bring an increase in membership.


Q.4      Should the club establish links with the various universities?

A.4       There was no harm in doing so and the new committee could take the matter up.


There being no other business the Chairman called upon the floor to nominate the new committee.  The members decided to nominate the existing committee to remain for 12 more months in their current positions.  The nominations were accepted and a unanimous vote took place.  The new committee were duly elected and thanked for their efforts over the preceding year.  The AGM concluded at 14.15 hrs.


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