Saturday 17th May 2014 33rd AGM

Around 56 members and 4 friends attended our AGM today. We have a new member, Earnest To joining the Society in this meeting. 56 of our Members have already paid their annual subscriptions. Fully Paid-up plus Lifetime Memberships now stand at 57.  Annual subscriptions remain at the present $50 per annum, (plus an additional $75 for new members to cover the T shirt,) and door fees will be increased to $50 per meeting.  Kenneth Chan was elected to join our Committee as Secretary to replace Jeff Herbert (who lives in China now) who will step down to be the General Member. We now have 8 Committee Members.

8 Members entered the 2014 Memoirs'44 Competition. David Galt is through to the final and Sunshine has to play Oliver to see who plays David in the final.  We shall try to get them along to the next meeting on 7th June. There will be trophies for the Winner and 1st Runner-Up of this competition.

10  Members participated in our 2014 Pocket Battles Competition. The winner was Henry Yan, 1st Runner-Up was Victor Law, 2nd Runner-Up was James Cheung. They will receive their trophies later.

6 Members participated in our 2014 DBR120 Competition.  The winner was Neil Burnett and the Runner-Up was Albert Leung.

There will be more competitions in this year including, DBMM,  X Wing, Advanced Squad Leader, Cuba Libre, Command & Colors Ancients, Twilight Struggle, etc.

Curry Lunch Annual General Meeting
Auction Prizes
Pocket Battles Competition Memoir '44 Competition
DBR Competition Star Wars X-Wing
Samurai Imperial
Napoleon's Triumph Napoléon
Reluctant Enemies Wings of War

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