Monthly Meeting Saturday 2 March 2002

after action report (photos to be added soon)


The meeting saw an outing of Pony Wars, this is the third club meeting that Pete and Jeff have put this on in the 17 years or so they have had the bits.  The figures are a mix of Heroics and Ross and Irregular Miniatures, with a little bit of scratch building thrown in.  The scenario, Total War, what else ?

Over the years Pete and Jeff’s fertile imaginations have added to the cards found in those listed in Pony Wars, these additions are the Train, Hole in the Wall Gang, Posse, Sodbusters and Prospectors.  They also intend to add the Mounties, Mexican Lancers and Mexican bandits and a paddle steamer, tune in in the next 17 years to see if this takes place.

The table some 42 square foot, shows the Big Country ranging from the borders of Canada to the Rio Grande , yes it’s all there from Fort Laramie to the Ponderosa, but not necessarily in the right place.

Form Column of twos it is Total War.  James got promoted to Colonel, and headed out of the Fort with Major Frank, Scout Chris and Captain Phillippe with the 12 pounder cannon.  Captain Ludovic was returning to the Fort with two troops.  The US mission was to head south, round up the settlers and wipe out the large Indian Village .  Col James took one Column and sent Major Frank off on his left flank, who dashed across the dry gulch and got dry gulched by the Indians.  This was the end of Major Frank, who in Hollywood terms lasted a little longer than the opening credits.  However, his boys went on to revenge him.  Capt Neil ‘Fetterman’, arrived just North of the Indian Village and in true Fetterman style drove straight in annoying lots of Indians on the way in, butchering a few squaws and then departing from the game.  The good thing is a turn of the cards you come back on, for Neil as Dando who also arrived near the village.

In the North Capt Ludovic went to save some settlers, which he did, but then got nosey about a patch of sage brush outside of town.  He and his men were last seen by  Major Jeff who had appeared from the west with four troops. Major Jeff hurried south and fighting off numerous Indian attacks was present at the final attack on the Indian Village .  Prior to doing so he saw the War wagon off on its mission unfortunately for commerce to triumph some nearby settlers had to make the ultimate sacrifice as did some claim jumping prospectors who got their just rewards.  Sgt Pete appeared from the East with a troop of men and fell in with Colnel James who gave him the onerous task of escorting Miss Abigail and the Ammunition Wagon back to the Fort.  Sgt Pete spent the remainder of the campaign there, drinking the suttler dry and boring Miss Abigail who had no intention of marrying less than a Captain.  It was therefore the part of Pete to play numerous Indian Chiefs who happened to be in the path of Dando Neil.  Dando Neil tamed the west, or specifically the east of the west dispersing more Indians than any mindless Fetterman could do.  The first two Chiefs went down to his Dando Knife but the third He Who Barks At The Moon Pete was just too much for a now tired Dando.  There was hardly a dry eye in the house.  The West was changing the time had come for the Indian and Col James, Maj Franks Boys and numerous scouts were closing in on the village.  To make even more certain of the outcome Maj Jeff charged in from the west. The Village was destroyed by cold steel.  Their Job done the Cavalry headed back to the Fort safeguarding settlers and the train, which a group of foolish renegades attacked.  The West had been tamed.

The Total War Scenario worked very well with the village falling on move 26 and lasting some 5 hours of play.  For those unsure whether to take it up may decide on the verdict given by Ludovic, “This is the most immoral game I have ever played”.  Ludovic refused to butcher women and children and spent the rest of the game trying to shepherd a few hostiles back to the reservations.  Col James came away with two purple hearts, Neil got buried twice, or at least parts of him did, Chris’ scouts lasted the whole game.  Man of the match was Bald Eagle who was present in spirit only with 49 braves and who fought Col James for some 5 bounds until only he was left.  Phillipe next to Dando dispersed the greatest number of Indians with his long guns many of whom headed into Mexico .

Of course those who weren’t there missed Jeff the Kid and Possum Pete and their songs for banjo and guitar, acknowledgements go to, How the West Was Won, Warwagon, Deadwood Stage, Clementine and a host of others.  James spent long moments in Marlboro Country promoting the tobacco industry.  Come on, saddle up your Wild Bunch and join in…yee…har.

Pony Wars works well in 6mm and the large numbers of figures are easy to move in this scale.  Jeff and Pete commend the excellent Irregular Miniatures Range .


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