Monthly Meeting Saturday 11 January 2003

after action report


We kick off with a report from Lawrence Ho and his team of potential new members:


Herbert Wong, Albert Leung, James Cheung, Jeremy Chu, Chow Man Kit, O Wah Yiu & Lawrence Ho attended the meeting, several of them, for the first time.  The meeting was held at the Senior Officers Mess, 6/F Wanchai Police Station, Arsenal Street , which is in the old wing of the station on the harbour side.  It was not necessary to show a pass, they just told the policewoman at the reception that they were going to a function held at the Senior Officers Mess.  They arrived at around 2:15 p.m. , having got lost in the Police Station Complex which was undergoing reconstruction.


HK$30 was charged as the door fee and free sandwiches were provided on a first come first served basis.  HK$10 was charged for each can of soft drink.  The venue is spacious; there are at least ten 8 foot by 42 inches tables in a larger than 2,000 square foot mess.  Everybody got a seat, so there was no need to stand to play your game. 


They first played a DBM 15mm Ancients historical game, which kicked off at around 3:00 p.m. and was finished by 4:30 p.m.    The Late Romans were commanded by Albert Leung on the left wing, Herbert Wong in the centre, friend of Chu Kwok Wah on the right wing, whereas the Gepids were commanded by Chu Kwok Wah on the left wing, James Cheung in the centre and Chow Man Kit on the right wing.  The Roman army was mainly composed of infantry while the Gepid army was mainly of knights and warbands.  The Gepids attacked on all fronts and the Late Romans were handily defeated.


Albert Leung and Lawrence Ho later played two games of 1,000 point Warmaster, with each winning a game.  Herbert Wong and James Cheung played another game of 15mm DBM, with Herbert Wong gaining the upper hand with his Late Romans against James Cheung's Gepids.  Chu Kwok Wah, his friend and O Wah Yiu played a game of 15mm Samurai; result unknown.  The team left the meeting at around 7:00 p.m.


The venue is suitable for playing Warhammer 40K since two tables can be put side by side giving a 42" by 16 foot table.  Albert Leung and Chow Man Kit were thinking of playing a Warhammer 40K game at the February meeting.


And next, Jeff's report from the Russian front (certain names have been obliterated by the censors for the sake of security):


My Dear Brother,


I am writing this from the village of XXXXXXX where we have just fought a big battle with the Imperialists.  My unit the XXXXXXXXX was on the left flank where we were meant to march upon XXXXXXXXX in support of our cavalry that had advanced rapidly and taken the village.  We had a strong infantry line that ran parallel to the railway tracks but our officers were slow in giving orders and seemed hesitant throughout.  


Our cavalry in XXXXXXXX came under attack first from their cavalry and secondly from their infantry, as a result with heavy losses they withdrew, reformed and took up a position in the woods on our right flank where they did good work in keeping the French from turning our flank.  However the loss of the village was a blow as it was quickly occupied by the enemy, it would now need to be taken the hard way, thanks to our officers who should be shot.  


It looked at this stage that the enemy would overwhelm us with a great charge, but it was at this point one of our aircraft appeared and strafed their entire line with huge losses.  This brave comrade pilot saved the day and encouraged by his example we poured fire into them.  It was over in minutes as they fled the field.  Well I must go, I will hand this to the Commissar for censorship.  Your Brother Vladimir.


Dear Comrade, I enclose a letter from your brother Vladimir which was written some two weeks ago. I regret to inform you he has since died of his wounds. He excelled himself in battle and was a hero of the cause, an example to us all. 


Commissar Yeltsin



And finally, a brief report on the Napoleonic naval encounter:


Following on from the success at the last meeting of the battle of Cape Saint Vincent, a considerably more modest engagement was umpired by Andrzej; a hypothetical encounter between a British fleet of 8 ships of the line in 2 squadrons, commanded by Ken and Dieter, and a combined Franco-Spanish fleet of 12 ships of the line, in 3 squadrons under the respective commands of Chris Lam & Frank (the French) and Peter Munn (the Spanish).



The two fleets closed with Ken in the van of the British and Peter in the van of the Allied fleets.  Frank's fleet was late in arriving on the scene, having become separated from the main body during the night.  The same fate having befallen the British flag ship, the 120 gun Hibernia, which failed to arrive at all.


The Spaniards, being green (and a little nervous) were the first to open fire, the 112 gun Concepcion, followed by the 130 behemoth, Santissima Trinidad, letting loose at the British van at long range, to little effect, the British biding their time and holding fire.  As the two fleets manoeuvred for position, each side's squadrons moved apart, and eventually, two separate engagements were fought; Ken v Peter and Frank in the van, with Dieter v Chris in the rear.


After several turns of fierce gunfire, including several rakes of ships on both sides, the first ship to strike, with, as it happens, a most apposite name, was the British 74 gun Achilles.  In the rear, the French 74 gun Vengeur was the next to capitulate after a bitterly fought melee.  Colours then were pulled down in quick succession on the French 74 gun Mercure, the Spanish 130 gun Santissima Trinidad and the British 74 gun ships Thunderer and Captain.  With the score standing at 3 struck ships per side, the game drew to conclusion, with victory being given to the Allies due to their overwhelming superiority in the van, Rear-Admirals Ken and Dieter being sent home in disgrace to await courts martial.  A splendid time was had by all.


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