Monthly Meeting Saturday 5 January 2002

after action report


Well, due to the holiday season there were only 8 attendees at the January meeting and only one game: War! The Age of Imperialism.  This is a six player game which recreates, in a relatively light hearted way, the European scramble for overseas possessions during the latter half of the 19th century.  Below is a small scale rendition of the mounted map, which is actually 4' x 3'.  More details can be found at the Eagle Games web site.




Someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to bring his digital camera, so unfortunately there are no photos to record the day.  The nations were drawn randomly, with allocations as follows:

Andrzej - Germany

James - (Spain/Italy/Portugal/Belgium)

Jeff - Britain

Matt - Japan

Neil - Russia

Peter - France

At the beginning of the game, all players sent of explorers to look for new territories which were suitable for colonization.  Germany, situated in the middle of Europe, had no room for expansion except overseas, and accordingly sent one of its ships southward, loaded to the gunwales with troops.  Britain took the opportunity to block the German fleet sailing to the South Atlantic, at which point the Germans sailed into the Mediterranean and captured Egypt from the British.  Meanwhile the other nations continued to busily colonize available territory.


Germany built up its fleet to attempt to match that of Britain; several naval actions took place, with the Germans prevailing against all odds (i.e. they had lucky dice).  The British fleet became so depleted that Germany looked poised to invade Britain.  At this point France declared war on Germany, with the aim of clipping Germany's wings.  After much manoeuvring and several battles, both France and Britain fell to Germany, the latter when the British left their homeland empty of troops in a last ditch attempt to stave off the fall of France!  Meanwhile the vultures were gathering on the overextended German borders.


Russia and the Minor Powers moved into the vacuum left after the extended fighting between Germany, France and Britain, and a race between them developed as to who would colonize the most territory.  Germany abandoned the mainland and fell back on Festung Britannia.  In the east, Japan encroached on both British and Russian territory, with India finally falling after some protracted skirmishing.  The Russian bear was not to be meddled with, however, and pushed the Japanese steadily towards their homeland.


Meanwhile, France and Germany continued their pointless war in Africa, giving both Russia and the Minor Powers even more opportunity for expansion, Britain by then being limited to holding territories in Australia and South Africa.


The final score was totted up at 7pm, with Russia being declared the winner, the Minor Powers just a short distance behind.  The remainder of the running (a long way behind) taken up, in diminishing order, by Germany, Japan, France and Britain.


A splendid time was had by all, with the game generating many suggestions for home grown rules - we'll have to give them a try soon.


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