Monthly Meeting Saturday 2 February 2002

after action report


The three objectives of the game were to introduce DBR to the general membership of the club, most of whom had never played before, to give Dick Leadingís Royalists an outing with Jeff Herbertís Parliamentarians, and to encourage those without figures to get some.  The first two objectives were met the third seems almost impossible to achieve.  DBR is a nice set of rules based on DBM but with nice changes making the game quicker, more exciting and less predictable.  Some mounted and skirmishers can shoot in DBR, something many opine that should be carried over to DBM.  Speaking with Bruce Meyer in the States it appears that little DBR is played there as well.  The photographs show the two forces of nearly 500 points each, each side here is split into four commands, this was to allow as many members as possible to get hands on experience without making the commands too small.  For 500 points you do not get many figures as can be seen and this was a small to medium ECW encounter.

The Royalists had more artillery and better mounted, the Parliamentarians had more foot.  Both sides made historical dispositions with infantry in the centre and cavalry on the wings.  The Royalists hoped to win on the wings and the Parliamentarians hoped to do so in the centre with their infantry.  The Royalist right wing drove in first and to the surprise of all was easily beaten by the lobsters.  The Royalists were demoralized but managed to hang on to near the end of play when they were annihilated.  They did however pull off part of the Parliamentarian foot and were well handled by Neil.  Peterís lobsters took off in pursuit at first and although the victors took little more part in the battle.  On the other wing both sides seesawed for position, the Royalists eventually overcame their opposition quite a number of which were inferior and acted as if they knew they were.  However, the Royalists themselves were demoralized so a second stalemate occurred.

In the centre the Parliamentarian Foot had come forward but having sent some off to deal with the Royalist Cavalry took heavy losses from the massed Royalist guns and muskets.  As night fell it was clearly a draw with the Parliamentarian Foot falling back and virtually all the cavalry neutralized.  Most of the players seemed to have enjoyed the game, which had the feel of the period.

A highly commendable set of Rules.


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