Mid-monthly meeting, Saturday 18 December 2004

after action photo report

15mm DBMM 100 Years War - English v French and their Scots and Free Company Allies.  The English objective being to get their baggage train of booty off the south western board edge.  The Scots pikemen failed in their attempt to dislodge the English centre, falling prey to the deadly fire of the English longbowmen.  Notwithstanding a belated attempt by the Free Company knights to break through to the baggage, a clear victory to the English.

The battle of Waterloo fought to a successful conclusion using an update of the Avalon Hill Napoleon's Battles rule set.  Once again the Allied armies prevailed over the resurgent forces of the Emperor Bonaparte.  For more information on the completely revised rule-set, visit the Napoleon's Battles official website.

To round off the day's entertainment, a game of Wing's of War, a fast play WWI dog-fighting game was played.  To learn more about the system, visit Boardgame Geek, and point your web browser at Wing's of War - Famous Aces, and its sequel, Watch Your Back! 

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