The Grand Warmaster Battle was based on the “Battle of Mittlenberg”, fought

between a Dark Elf – Chaos alliance, commanded by James & Christopher Chu

(6000 points) and a Lizardmen army (4000 pts), commanded  by Tim Tong &

Philip Ngo, supported by Alex Lam’s Orcs (2000 pts).


At the start of the battle, both sides needed to march to the battlefield, so there was

not too much combat on day 1.  Christopher’s Chaos forces took up positions west

of Mittlenberg and awaited an impending attack by the Orcs.  To the East, Tom

Tong tried ordering the brigade of the Liz-Cold Ones forward, but they were delayed

by Harpies sent by the Dark Elf.


On the second day (turn 7), Chaos immediately attacked the Orcs, although 4 units

were killed, the chariots still knocked down the Giant and the 4 lost goblin chariots.

suppressed this side.  James, seeking revenge for the loss of his Harpy comrades,

charged the enemy with his Cold Ones, successfully eliminating 3 units.


Tom Tong ordered forward his Lizardmen attempting to breakthrough the centre,

but suffered heavy loses inflicted by Chaos Knights. Encouraged by the success of

Chaos, James ordered his Cold Ones forward, flushing out and routing the Lizardmen

controlled by Philip Ngo.  Alex Lam moved his Orc infantry forward to push back the

Chaos and gain their position,


Meanwhile, James destroyed more Lizardmen on turn 9, thereby routing all Lizards

and bringing the battle to a victorious conclusion.